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Who have an eye, and sometimes two for detail.


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About Us

DiM is a freelance company that is affiliated and connected with other individuals and freelancers therefore expanding our service offering to you the client. We work with you to establish your needs and fulfill them. The client is always part of the implementation process and team.

Our Services

Our services cover a wide array of day to day online related questions or requirements. Not sure if we can help? Let us be the judge of that!

Hosting Solutions

Don't like your current host? Or want a more complete hosting solution? Lets talk.

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Website Solutions

Got a website that needs updating or maybe even rebuilding? We can be a part of that solution.

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Have a different question that doesn't quite fit anywhere above? We may just be able to help.

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Customer Service

We pride ourselves in excellent and timely customer service. Do not underestimate the importance of professionalism. We sure don't!

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Wordpress Management

Have or want a Wordpress site? Get in touch today and lets get started updating or creating a new Wordpress site for you!

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Website Management

Already have a non-Wordpress site that needs updating? Get in touch today and lets get started!

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Professional Services

Have a miscellaneous online need? Want to automate certain tasks? Connect with your website? Create exports? etc. Lets connect and see how we can help?

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